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I got my love of relief printing as a child watching my parents make linoleum cut Christmas cards. I continued that tradition myself in 1996 when I began to make my own linoleum cut Christmas cards for my family and friends. The popularity of the Christmas cards grew steadily over the years and I really felt the love for my artwork from all quarters. Eventually I wanted to go beyond the genre of Christmas cards and the limitations of linoleum. I admired the strength and precise detail of wood engraving in the old masters like Albrecht Durer and more modern masters like Paul Landacre. In 2009 I took some engraving lessons from Carl Montford, a master wood engraver and printer in Seattle, who introduced me to Resingrave as a material, techniques for image transfer, and many other pearls of wisdom. That year I also acquired my first printing presses and taught myself to print on them. I began offering prints for sale in 2011 at local Olympia events such as Arts Walk.

I remain very excited about the artistic potential of wood engraving. I am also interested in other print making techniques to create new kinds of images that I hope to have on this site soon.
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